Ipswich Massachusetts, Bridging History

Open Space & Recreation

We have a big backyard. Close to 50% of Ipswich Land is protected open space.

According to MassGIS  (www.mass.gov/mgis/ ):

The total land area of Ipswich is approximately 33 square miles or 21,120 acres.

* Approximately 46.7% (9856 acres or 15.4 square miles) of Ipswich is “open space” – defined as land owned by the town, state, or federal government or by private, non-profit conservation organizations for conservation purposes; or land restricted by conservation restrictions held by a public or private entity.

* Approximately 24% of the total open space land in Ipswich is Town open space land (land owned by the Town for conservation purposes or conservation restrictions held by the Town).

*  This means 11.25% (3.7 square miles or 2376 acres) of the total land area in Ipswich is Town open space land.

Download the Ipswich Open Spaces map

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