Ipswich Evergreen

Ipswich Evergreen 2013

Ipswich Evergreen 2013 Schedule


Ipswich Evergreen is a civic celebration with soul befitting the holidays!

Ipswich has great cause for merriment and jubilation! With the new year in sight, let us gather as a community to reflect on what makes living in Ipswich the year round most wonderful…

We will make great revelry over the fact that fully 50% of Ipswich land is protected open space! Ipswich ForEver Green!

Let us rejoice over Crane Beach & Appleton Farms! Boating, bicycling & hiking, miles of trails, the bounty of The Great Mash, local farms and a healthy harvest… Ipswich = Wild Life!




ON THE WINTER STAGE: Outdoors, on the Hall Haskell House lawn

2pm Stone Soup: Theatre by and for children,  Actors Company will present an original production of “Stone Soup” a classic winter woods fable.

2:45 North Shore Bell Ringers

3pm Ipswich Outsidah hosts an Open Mike: Get your act together Ipswich! Pre-registration assures a spot, but last minute show ups can take to the stage… time permitting. “Good exposure” says the Outsidah!


Hot Homemade Soup for Sale  Mr. Morley from the Ipswich Inn is preparing an array of hot soups for a cold day… mmm GOOD! All proceeds will benefit the Ipswich Food Pantry who will be gladly accepting canned Goods!


The Gift of Nothing: Read by Kerry Zagorella, In the Dow Room at the Ipswich Museum.

Joseph Had a Little Over Coat: Read by Ipswich Public Library Children’s Room Librarian, Laurie Collins, In the China Room at the Ipswich Museum.

The Night Tree: Read by the Actors Company, Hall Haskell House Gallery.  Related Craft.



Evergreen Bundling:  Make & take swags, wreaths or a boutonniere from tree trimmings generously donated by Ipswich’s own: Heliotrope Hill Tree Farm!

Night Tree Ornament: Create pinecone ornament/bird feeders to hang on our “Night Tree” or yours. Don’t miss the story telling!

High Noon! Wolf Hollow Ice sculpture:  Zee Soffron, Asst. Director at Wolf Hollow, and Fred Stanton, our head of facility maintenance will sculpt a wolf from a block of Cape Pond Ice with a chain saw! Sculpting at noon, the work will remain on display throughout the day.

Candy Cane Collection  Much like an Easter egg hunt with candy canes “hidden” in tree branches for small children to find and claim.

The Gift of Gratitude: What are you grateful for? (I am grateful to the DPW! THANKS Guys!)

Winter Get-up and Go Contest  In order to encourage people to dress warmly and join the fun outdoors, we will have wandering judges who will give out awards (buttons) for winter costuming of special note. “Wackiest Hat,” “Warmest Looking Coat,” “Fuzziest Boots,” this sort of thing.


The Snow Man: Animation, Outside on the Silver Screen. Great Soundtrack!


Hall Haskell House  curated by Time & Tide Fine Art will be presented in the Hall Haskell House gallery. Ipswich’s finest artists will present artwork reflecting Winter Light in Ipswich. This show will be on display December 17-22.

The REASON FOR THE SEASON; THE SOLSTICE EXPLAINED Ipswich Visitor Center in the Hall Haskell House. Ever wonder why the nights are long and days sort in the winter?

Lux At The River Bridge Arts and Wellness Center, 21 South Main Street. Featuring the paintings of Bonnie Ashmore-Davis made in response to the artist’s journey with cancer. The show will be on display from 12:00pm with opening reception beginning at 4:00 pm.

CHANGING THE PRESENT: One of the most meaningful aspects of the event will be a display of non-profit organizations (TTOR, Cuvilly, Ipswich Agricultural Commission, Ipswich River Watershed, Audubon, etc have been invited) in the Appleton Room at the Ipswich Museum. This is an opportunity for the organizations to highlight their activities and to offer people a chance to purchase gifts that make a difference… memberships, promotional items, etc.


Cold: Skating  In the event of an early hard freeze, it could be possible to have skating on Sally’s Pond.

Snow: Rolling Snow Men, Snow Ball Fun & Games 

Rain: Yuch! We will congregate instead on Saturday, December 28th. Plenty of time to collectively count our community blessing before we start the New Year!


Ipswich Evergreen is generously funded by grants from Ipswich Cultural Council and the Institution for Savings

The Institution For Savings where “green” goes to work, and our  community is made richer!

We thank the Ipswich Cultural Council and The Institution For Savings for “Changing our Present!”

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